The Many Benefits Of Being A Professional Escort

The escort profession just as any other profession has challenges. And since escorting is stereotyped, some people may only see the negatives of this career. But there are many benefits to working as an escort.

Large Sums of Money

One of the major benefits of working as an escort is the large amounts of money clients are willing to pay for the escort service, and the number of times a client can have an encounter with an escort in a day. Think of a client paying a large amount of money and multiply that by the number of times of encounters.

Specify Any Amount You Want

An escort is at liberty to specify her terms and conditions of engagement, even setting a premium price depending on demand and her beauty or attraction standards. An escort can choose to have more than one client in a day, depending on how many she is able to handle.

With every client, an escort is at liberty to set a unique price, it doesn’t matter how high the price is. Clients are willing to pay any price as long as you meet their desires. And an escort can get high status clients like rich politicians, etc. Clients are willing to pay an escort any amount she wants; they value the quenching of their desires.

No Taxes

In the escort profession, there are no taxes involved. When you get paid, no money is deducted from the amount for taxes—you get the full amount. The transaction is not recorded thus there is no way to be taxed.

All the Freedom

Escorts have all the freedom they want. An escort manages her own time and schedule, and even when in service, she still enjoys the freedom that comes with it. Some clients travel with escorts to posh hotels and restaurants, beaches, go sightseeing, etc. These are some of the knitty-gritty benefits you get to enjoy, besides the big package. An escort can be hooked up to a rich man who splashes her with money all week long, takes her to 5-star hotels around the world, eats good food whenever she wants, etc.

Girls working as escorts have found the career a lot more convenient than other careers they have been in. Clients follow an escort’s availability and her schedule. Plus, an escort doesn’t report to a boss (unless they’re with an agency), or attend to tasks she doesn’t want to.

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